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Melisa Caprio

Nurse Practitioner & Injector

Melissa Caprio BScN, IIWCC, MN, NP (F) completed her graduate studies as a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner in Ontario - prior to relocating to British Columbia. She has worked as a Nurse Practitioner in Northern BC and now holds a full time practice in Maple Ridge. She is a highly praised leader in her field who enjoys teaching and is a clinical preceptor for various Universities in the Lower Mainland. Melissa has a diverse background with over 10 years of experience in Primary Care Medicine, Emergency, Cardiovascular Surgery, and Chronic Wound Management. Being an avid traveller, she also spent a period of time working abroad in Africa for the Ebola Pandemic and in Australia as an ER nurse.

She holds a strong passion for medical aesthetics and is trained under the Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics and Therapeutics. She adores working with people in partnership to restore and maintain confidence of their inner beauty. Melissa takes an individualized, patient-centred approach, and will use the best available evidence and techniques to guide her practice. She has a particular interest in providing Therapeutic TMJ Botox “aka Masseter Slimming Botox” for chronic jaw discomfort and works with various dental clinics to provide these specialized services. Melissa is highly detail orientated and is happy to offer complementary follow up visits after treatment to ensure mutual goals have been met. She is a continuous learner who is always seeking out new and innovative ways to use cosmetic and therapeutic toxin. Stay tuned because she will soon expand her services to include dermal filler in the near future.

Melisa Caprio
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